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Partnership opportunities with the 23 Regions of Madagascar

As part of the efforts to promote economic opportunities and international partnerships to support the development of each Region of Madagascar, the Government of Madagascar organises, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and Decentralisation (MID), the Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM) and the hosts Regions of Madagascar, the event “Journées Internationales des Regions / JIRs” (International Day of the Regions). 

The main objective of the JIRs is to promote the economic potential of the host region, to promote economic and commercial partnerships between Madagascar and foreign countries (with a focus on the JIR host region), and to promote cooperation for development and other types of innovative partnerships for the benefit of the region.

For the latest edition of the JIRs, the Regions have established a set of priority projects for which they are looking for partners. 

Commercial and  economic partners/investors, Civil society (NGOs), Development partners, funders and the Malagasy diaspora are welcome to engage with the Regions to make these projects a reality and contribute to the Region's development.

Interested parties, individuals and entities alike, are invited to get in touch with the Embassy who can help to arrange the connection with the Regions. 

Region Atsimo Atsinanana

The Region of Atsimo-Atsinanana is bordered to the East by the Indian Ocean, to the South and South-west by the Regions of Anosy and Haute-Matsiatra, and to the North by the Region of Fitovignany. The Region has a total surface area of 18,373 km2, the Region's capital city being the city of Farafangana.
The District of Vangaindrano is the largest of all Districts in surface.

The Atsimo Atsinanana Region has dense evergreen rainforest ecosystems. The area of dense rainforest remaining in 2013 was estimated at 296,607 ha.

The Region possesses enormous economic potential, but its agricultural, mining, and maritime and tourist resources remain under-exploited.

The Atsimo Atsinanana Region is known for the cultivation of cloves, vanilla and pepper. It is the second largest clove-producing region in the country (after Analanjirofo) and ranks third for vanilla (after the SAVA and DIANA regions).
It has large agricultural plains favourable to large-scale farming, as well as maritime and continental fishing zones extending over 220km, with a lobster reserve considered to be the largest in the country.

Priority projects of the Region include:

- installation of a sorting center unit for cash crops project

- honey project

- fish farming and fishing complex project

- food security project

- rural electrification project

Download the Region's Booklet featuring detailed projects:

>> English Version

>> French Version

Region Fitovignany

The Fitovinagny Region is located in the South-Eastern part of Madagascar.

It is bounded to the North by the Vatovavy Region, to the South by the Atsimo Atsinanana Region, to the East by the Indian Ocean and to the West by the region of Haute-Matsiatra.

The Region's capital is the city of Manakara, which is located approximately 720km from the capital Antananarivo.

The Fitovinagny Region has several assets through its ecological and environmental wealth, its socio-cultural wealth, its infrastructural heritage which attracts local and foreign visitors. 

Fitovignany is a region with strong potential for tourism. The Pangalanes Canal stands out as a unique asset for tourist attraction and river navigation.

The region benefits from a climate favorable to several types of crops (vanilla, clove, sugar cane, coffee, citrus, letchi, banana). 

The region has also considerable, rich and high-value mining potential (nickel, bauxite, graphite, ilmenite, monazite, zircon, pegmatite)

Priority projects of the Region include:

- drinking water supply project

- cocoa production project

- fruit processing project

- cuma project project

- organic honey production project

- sustainable fish farming project

- community-based tourism development project in Loholoka and Andrambovato

- community-based development project around the forest corridor in Ikongo

- emergency support and social reintegration center project for victims of gender-based violence

Download the Region's Booklet featuring detailed projects:

>> French Version

Elements on other Regions will be progressively added to this page.

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